The eyes of Hungarian handball fans are currently focused on their older friends, who have just got into the semi-final of the Women’s U20 World Championship, taking place in their country. Soon, they are willing to take over the interest doing their best in Kielce. Minimum plan? The best eight. Dreams? The podium!

Hungarian National Team consists of players who perform in renowned teams. The girls play in professional clubs under the supervision of excellent coaches. The last mentioned took the necessary steps to prepare their charges for the International Competition. “I think a very good work is going on at the clubs, the players are very skilled and they are in good shape, the club coaches do a really great job,” says the coach Beáta Bohus. Last year Hungarian team won the European Youth Olympic Festival and gained bronze medal at the European Championship U17. They did it in one year only!

The girls are not loafing around during their preparations.  Their schedule includes participating in an international tournament with such opponents as France, Romania and Russia. The team will also play friendly matches against Netherlands and Slovakia. “Our composition of the squad has been not finalized yet, so there may be a little change in team tactics, but within a few weeks the final team turns out,” explains Bohus, “Our defense is all right, we have two players for each position, and our offence should be arranged. Each team has weaknesses, regarding our team, we have to shape our right and left back positions”.

The Hungarian team’s objective for the World Championships is to gain experience and improve skills. Likewise, their goal and dream is to take the highest place in the competition.

The team would like to be placed at least in the best eight and then in the best four. Nevertheless, Beáty Bohus’s team realises it will cost a lot of effort, but they will do their best to achieve it. They count on extremely interesting meetings with teams from various corners of the world. “Of course, we want to achieve the best position, which is possible. If we succeed in getting into the top four, we will be happy and satisfied, but we have to get in the eight, even though it will not be easy,” summarizes the coach.

Girls, már alig várjuk, hogy Lengyelországba érkezzetek!     

Check the full Hungarian National Team profile including the full roster HERE.

Hungary will play in the group B, together with Croatia, which was already presented this week.