They say about themselves that they are pretty boring. Is it really possible? No, definitely not in case of Slovakia! One of the youngest team in the tournament is full of energy and interesting characterstics. Do you want to know one of them? Summing up players and the coaching staff  they speak five languages!

The Slovakian National Team is one of the youngest teams in the tournament as the roster contains girls born even in 2003. At the championship they want to focus on gaining experience and mastering their skills. They still have time for spectacular achievements. The girls wish to present themselves in the best possible way to feel satisfaction after the tournament and be able to say that they did their best.

The team is perceived as one big family, which has advantages and disadvantages. Certainly, the team’s linguistic skills deserve attention and admiration. The team, including players and coaches, communicates in 5 languages: Slovak, Hungarian, English, Danish and German.

Girls, nemôžme sa dočkať , kedy vás uvidíme v Poľsku! 

Check the full Slovakian National Team profile including the full roster HERE.

Slovakia will play in the group A, together with Poland, Brasil, Angola and also Germany and Romania, which were presented past weeks.