Not even two weeks have left until the IHF Youth U18  Women’s World Championship starts! Thus we present the first ambassador of the tournament. In 2007, with Polish national team, he gained a silver medal at the IHF World Championship in Germany. Two years later and also in 2015 he won two bronze medals at another world championship, in Croatia and Qatar. In 2016 with PGE VIVE Kielce he won the EHF Champions League. Ladies and Gentlemen, let us present to you Sławomir Szmal!  “Let’s be together in Kielce’s arenas! May our support help the athletes reach their limits,” says Kasa. 

Through the years Szmal was loved by thousands of fans, especially in Poland. For his amazing interventions that saved the Poland national team so many times, for his iron discipline, which allowed him to endure ferocious trainings for so long and for his work promoting handball among children. Now, Kasa uses his authority to spread his beloved sport around the world. Check the video!