Two teams from Europe stood against each other. Both played well in defence, but Hungary won. They made fewer mistakes in the attack and now they can enjoy the first victory in the group.

From the first minutes, the match was fierce. Both the Swedes and the Hungarians were playing very aggressively in defensive. This may be evidenced by the fact that the judge dictated a penalty kick three times for the Magyar within thirty minutes. It caused that the players from the Balaton jumped away from rivals (9: 6) and by the end of the first half they kept the advantage at the level of three or four goals.

The second part of the match was dictated by the team from Hungary. The girls consistently threw penalty kicks. The executive was Tamara Pal, who scored five goals from the seventh meter. She was stopped only in the 50th minute by the goalkeeper from Sweden – Tilda Espling-ek. The team from Scandinavia tried to reverse the course of the match, but they had to recognize the superiority of the opponents.


HUNGARY : SWEDEN  29:24 (15:12)

HUNGARY: Magera,Szabo,Herczeg – Albek 2, Schatzl 3, Simon 2,Vamos 4 ,Varga, Kellermann,  Arany, Pal 8, Kuczora 4, Szilovics 1, Borgyos 1, Banfai 3, Toth 1.

SWEDEN: Lundahl, Hultberg-Dahlgren, Espling-ek – Alm 2, Cardell 2, Moreno 2, Wahlstrom 1, Wallenberg 3, Sandberg , Dahlstrom 1, Jarvin, Dano 4, Sjostrand Hallman 2, Schelin 2, Andersson 4, Dahlberg 1.


Peter Dr.Woth, second coach of Hungary: We had a fantastic defensive today and due to we won.  We have a big satisfaction because we didn’t make a lot of mistakes. We must cold down and start thinking about the next match.

Niklas Harris, head coach of Sweden: Actually, I think we have played pretty well. Hungary is a very good team, maybe even favourite to win world championships. We did a lot of good stuff on the court. We lost by five and that’s too bad, but it was a pretty good game. We want to be in TOP 16 now. From there win every game.

Karolina Zielonka/fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP