Thanks to good defence France beat Montenegro in their first game on the tournament.

The beginning of the game was very nervous. Both teams had some issues with scoring , in first 12 minutes fans could enjoy only four goals (it was a draw 2:2). Many throws didn’t cross the goal line but despite that the match was really interesting, players and fans reacted spontaneously to situation on the field. The French got 2-3 goals advantage and the game ended with the same difference.

Representatives of France initiated second part of the game better and they gain five goals advantage. Montenegro had few occasions for putting the gap down but efficiency and good goalkeeper condition became an obstacle. Players from Montenegro had a long period of time without any goals. Montenegrins scored their goal number 11 in the 49 minute, and then they lost by the difference of four goals. Later, they again suffered a downtime, which France took advantage of and secured a win.

Francja – Czarnogóra 20:16 (9:6)

France: Portes, Andre – Peillon 5, Leblevec, Mairot 2, Louis 2, Di Rocco, Lasm 1, Wajoka 3, Pora, Mo0re 3, Outtara 1, Jarrige 2, Dembele, Foppa 1, Jacques

Montenegro: Babović, Pandurević – Hetemi, Beharović, Bozović 5, Radović 1, Globarević, Popović, Djukić, Corović 1, Godec 1, Dzaferović Ka. 2, Vukcević 3, Raicević 1, Dzaferović Ks, Knezević 2

Wojciech Staniec fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Bojana Popović (head coach of Montenegro): – We knew that game against France will be tough and it was. We fight until the end and showed some good actions. Now we have to work on it, we will be ready for the next game tomorrow.

Laurent Puigsegur (head coach of France): – It was very important match. Successful beginning of the tournament is always essential. We are glad that we won. We played really well in the defense, our goalkeepers did excellent job. We got good tempo – rushed and slowed exactly when needed. it was a really good day.