In the first game played in Politechnika Hall, the representatives of Norway beat young handballers from China without major problems. The Scandinavians opened the match nervously but with each passing minute they played better. After all they won by a difference of eleven goals 36:25.

Norwegian came to Kielce with great expectations and ambition. Last year they made it to the medal round in European Championship but after all they ended the tournament on fourth place. Now, after one year of training and gathering experience they want to go even further. It is clear after the opening match in which the Scandinavians presented very mature handball.

In first match of the tournament Norwegian faced with Republic of China – third team of Asia Championship. The beginning of the meeting was incredible fast and even. The Chinese women presented a very irrepressible handball, while the Scandinavians played with admirable calmness. After aligned beginning, the European started to take the lead faster. The second part of the first half definitely belonged to them, which was reflected in the result – after thirty minutes of the game, the Norwegians led by eight goals.

In the second half of the meeting, the Scandinavians could control the result without major problems. Chinese women played very ambitiously, but were not able to make up for previous losses.

NORWAY – CHINA  36:25 (22:14)

Norway: Skogrand, Finneide – Oyerhamn 3, Hove 4, Kjolholdt 5, Thale Deila 1, Svele 5, Live Deila 3, Eirikddon, Figenschau 3, Morch 1, Novak 6, Moen, Hansen 2, Sendi, Arnesen 3

China: Song, Zou – Huang 5, Liu 2, Chen 5, Tang 4, Zhu 6, Wang, Zhou, Sun, Sun, Dou, Dong 1


Knut Ove Joa, head coach of Norway: We didn’t know much about the handball style China team represents, so at first we were a little bit nervous. When the game went on we played really well, I think that we did well as a team.

Kristina Sirum Novak, player of Norway: When I heard anthem I was shaking. After a year of preparations it was great to finally start the tournament. We had a great match, although we started slowly because we were a little bit nervous. At the end China put the gap down so the whole team had to put in an effort, but as I said it was the first match and we were nervous.  

Zhang Bin, head coach of China: Norway is a country with huge traditions in handball, Norwegian handballers are known for playing well both in attack and defense. Our team is not  at this level yet. Our players played the best they could, unfortunately the defense in the first half was not as effective as we wanted it to be and we didn’t manage to stop the Norwegian team.

Aneta Szypnicka/fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP