Matches between Croatia and Denmark in the world of handball are the guarantee of a good spectacle and emotions. This time, it were Denmark girls who were considered as favorites due to their great achievements from previous editions. Players from Scandinavia did well on their role (28:21).

The match immediately took a high pace, and the initiative was clearly took over by Denmark team. By imposing their style of play based on strong defense and quick attacks, the Scandinavians managed to build two-goal lead (4:2; 6:4), but the Croatians bravely stay in the game and bring it back to draw (4:4, 6:6). However, when the first quarter of the game was over, Denmark team finally managed to leave their opponents behind and build a solid advantage (10:6), which they even increased until the end of the first half (18:13).

In the second part of the game, the Scandinavian domination was even greater. In the 40th minute, after a shot on an empty goal, the Scandinavians secured ten goals lead (23:13). The Croatians were making a lot of mistakes and when they eventually were able to get a shot on the goal, Anna Kristensen was usually better. In the end, Danes won 28:21 and they can prepare to the next match with Sweden with good humor.

DENMARK – CROATIA 28:21 (18:13)

DENMARK: Askvist, Kristensen, Jensen – Gamys 1, Hedegaard 1, Klostermann, Ttheil, Frokjaer-Jensen, Laursen 2, Moller 2, C.Hansen 4, Wierzba 4, Faartoft 7, A.Hansen 5, Halilcevic 2

CROATIA: Marinović, Pokopac – Barisić 1, Malec 3, Ivanda 1, Popović, Guskić 3, Vucić, Rubić 1, Vidaković, Petika 3, Vojnović 3, Kaselj 4, Barbir, Miholić 2, Humel


Fleeming Larsen, head coach of Denmark team: This is a gerat start of the tournament for us. We didn’t expected it will be so easy, but we were very concentrated during the whole game, we have played with a lot of confidence and discipline, and that is what gave us this result. Croatia is a very good team. We have though very good preparation and we knew what to do. Our first goal is to be in the top two in the group.

Goran Bobić, second coach of Croatia team: Firstly, it was new experience for my team. A lot of girls were born 2001 or 2002 and they just have played for the first time in the comeption on this level. This match put on us a big preasure. We made a lot of mistakes in the defence. We will play next match against Egypt and I hope we will be better and get two points.

Maciej Szarek/fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP