The fans in the stands of Hall Legionów saw an excellent match! Romania and Slovakia created a great show with fast and attractive handball. No team managed to evolve a bigger advantage and in the end, after huge emotions a tiny victory was taken by Romania.

ROMANIA – SLOVAKIA 22:21 (10:11)

Second game of the day in the Hall Legionów began in much more equal mode. Both teams played fast and vigorously and during the first quarter the score was more or less about the draw. Great impression was made by Slovak goalkeeper Natalia Chudovska, who defended two penalties in first four minutes. Five minutes before the half time Romania gear up and managed to achieve two-goals-advantage. However Slovakian team caught up really fast. When the referee’s whistle announced the end of the first half, the score was 10:10. But the game wasn’t over! Slovakia gained a free throw and Edina Pastorekova amazingly used it throwing the ball in between Romanian players‘ hands!

Second half was really equal as well! No team magaed to evolve a bigger advantage. The players of both teams impressed the public with solid throws from the distance, well-organized actions and fast breaks. Also the goalkeepers were in good shape today, from time to time reminding the others about their presence between the posts. The match was making it’s way towards the draw and the closer to the final whistle, the more it seemed that the draw could have been the only just result. In the last moments of the game Romanian side had a little bit more luck and took of the lead of 22:20. Slovakia made too many mistakes and eventually lost 21:22.

ROMANIA: A. Chetraru, D. Ciuca – I. Balaceanu 4, A. Cace 3, A. Coman, A. Popa 1, M. Barabas 1, D. Valcan 4, I. Marin 3, A. Tarsoaga 3, D. Ciuca, S. Jipa, P. Moraru, R. Stamin 2, M. Ilie, M. Pica 1, D. Lascateu

SLOVAKIA: N. Chudovska, K. Opatova – Z. Trepacova 6, D. Marcincakova 2, K. Beluskova 1, E. Pastorekova 4, R. Meszaros 1, L. Ratvajska 4, K. Opatova, L. Holincova, M. Kakascikova 1, N. Kosova 1, D. Michalkova 1, Z. Galkova, B. Olahova, D. Manczal

Magda Pluszewska

photo credit: PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Diana Ciuca, goalkeeper of Romania: That was our first match so also the most difficult one. I wish I could have better performance, anyway it was good enough. I’m happy that we finished it with a victory and I hope we will be better in next games. We want gold on this tournament!

Rasmus Poulsen, head coach of Slovakia: I’m very satisfied with the way we played. We still have a room for improvement, that was a very hard match. Even though we lost, we are happy, we need to look on the bright sides of our performance. We can’t say that we lost in the last minutes, we just scored too little goals in general. We don’t practise free throws but we talk a lot about how to do them, we focus on technical aspects. Actually Edina Pastorekova is not the one who usually does the free throws, but this time she was chosen and she did it!