Handballers from Kazakhstan were helpless in a clash with Korea. Gold medalists from Asian Women’s Youth Championship  one again proved that they are unrivaled and achieved second very high victory.

Last year in Jakarta Korean impressed with their condition, their today’s opponents was beaten with the difference of 33 goals (49:16). In Kielce revenge didn’t happen, both teams played on different levels. Korean dominated in every aspects. They were faster and more efficient. Especially first half showed  that. During first twenty minutes team trained by Berik Beknazarov managed to throw only four goals, while their opponents scored sixteen.

Kazakhstan players definitely improved their offensive in the second part but huge levredge that Koreans had earlier allowed them to control the result calmly. However, even they didn’t avoid mistakes – twenty minutes before the end players completely lost concentration and lost quickly six goals in a row.

The second half eliminated previous impression from the first part of the match and Kazakhstan players showed that it is always worth fighting to the end.


Kazakhstan: Aitmagambetova, Zhanibekkyzy – Stepanova 11, Syzdykova 2, Zhaparova 6, Malysheva, Murzagul, Khamitova 2, Kirillova, Karymsak, Pernebek, Seitkassym 1, Iskakova 2

South Korea: Yeo, Lee M. – Choi 4, Jeong Y. 1, Jeong H. 4, Park 5, Son, Jo 2, Lee D. 3, Kim S. 3, Oh Y. 3, Kim J., Kim H. 1, Park S. 1, Yun 6, Woo 6


Berik Beknazarov, head coach of Kazakhstan: We played better in the second half, girls started to play harder. First was not so good. Comparing our game with first game we changed combination of movements, today was so much better. The most important plan for the next match for us is to win with team Tunisia.

Seong Ok Oh, head coach of Korea: We used the same strategy as in the first game. During first half our experienced players were in the game. After obtaining a safe advantage we let younger handballers play and gain experience.  Now we have to focus on match with Montenegro.

Aneta Szypnicka, fot. PRESS FOCUS/ZPRP