The match between the Hungarian and Chile teams turned out to be a one-sided match. Magyars showed their dominance on the pitch, gradually building the advantage, which allowed them to play the meeting without many nerves.

The team from Europe started the match very good. The girls used every mistake of the opponent, they were extremely precise. Their defence was airtight, they were moving well behind the ball and stopped the opponent at all costs. This is evidenced by the fact that Chile scored the first goal in the 15th minutes of the match and then the scoreboard showed a score of 1:10.

The second thirty minutes of the match was “a throwing festival” by Hungary. They scored goals in different ways, throws from a distance, lob and spooned the balls. Unfortunately, neither the defensive players nor the Chilean goalkeepers were able to stop the opponent. The advantage was higher and higher. Finally, the Hungarian team won the match after the fantastic performance.


CHILE – HUNGARY 13:42  (6:20)

CHILE: Cortez, Andrade – Parra 1, Baumann, Alvarez, Sepulveda, Araya 4, Sepulveda, Alarcon 3, Rebolledo 4, Gomez, Ramirez 1, Pacheco, Diaz, Gajardo, Yarelli.

HUNGARY: Magera, Herczeg, Szabo – Albek 5, Schatzl 5, Simon 1, Vamos 4, Varga, Kellermann 2, Arany 2, Pal 7, Kuczora 2, Szilovics 3, Borgyos 1, Banfai 6, Toth 4.



Sebastian Calliri, second coach of Chile: It was a very good match in our performance. Yesterday we played a great match with Egypt, today we did not succeed. The goal of this match was to prepare for the next meetings. Tomorrow we have a day off, so we will try to regenerate and prepare for the next match

Peter Dr.Woth, second coach of Hungary: We had to play hard in defence and run a lot. It was the task for this match.  I think we were the team. We did everything well and because of that we have this result.

Karolina Zielonka