In first  round in group C the Russian were the authors of the most impressive win – they defeated Argentina, the difference between them was 22 goals! In the second match they had to put more effort but eventually they also win high This time the representatives of China were beaten.

Handballers from Russia took the lead at the very beginning. Chinese woman couldn’t regain control of the field situation and were forced to adjust to the tempo of the game dictated by their rivals. Asians were active – ran a lot but unfortunately it wasn’t efficient. Despite the fact they didn’t lose their fighting spirit

At the beginning of the second half they were losing by six goals, but enthusiasm didn’t leave them for a moment. Players from China enjoyed every successful action especially the one sitting on the bench. The louder they were the more mistakes Russian did. It didn’t last long, they quickly took control again  and didn’t return it until the last minute.Threw seven goals in a row and by a quarter to the end Russian handballers had twelve goals more.

CHINA – RUSSIA 17:32 (11:16)

CHINA: Song, Zou T. – Huang H. 2, Liu 1, Zhu J., Chen 1, Tang 1, Lian 1, Zhu H. 2, Zhou 6, Wang 1, Sun Mingyue 2, Syn Miaomiao, Li Y., Dou, Dong

RUSSIA:Vereshchak, Karabutova – Cherniaeva 2, Mikhaylichenko 5, Sheina 1, Sinelnikova 6, Krakhmaleva, Torusina 3, Skivko 1, Maslova 3, Sidnina 3, Levchina 3, Mukhina 4, Smirnova 1


Liubov Sidoricheva, head coach of Russia: We are very glad that we won but it for sure wasn’t our best game. We did much better in previous match. Girls did some mistakes, sometimes they played individually. We need to analyse and improved that because on Friday we have to face with Japan – team very similar to China when we consider their handball style. Before next games we definitely have to boost our defence.

Aneta Szypnicka, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP