Both Norway and Netherlands won their first matches and it had seemed that the game between these two teams would bring a lot of excitement. However, the reality turned to be completely different. Although both teams presented some great actions, the Scandinavians, which won 34:25, were definitely better throughout the entire match.

Handballers from Norway had a perfect start. First of all, they played incredibly well in defense, which enabled them to fastbreak. It was evident that they were extremely focused, motivated and very vigilant. On the other hand, Netherlands made a lot of mistakes in the attack, which was just inexcusable due to the great defense of the Norwegians. In 10 minute the Scandinavians led 10:3 and the moment later increased the advantage to eight goals.

In the second part of first half Netherlands tried to make up for losses, but they were unable to minimize them completely. The Norwegians quickly changed their tactics, survived the weaker period and maintained the lead.  

In second part of the game players from Norway didn’t have weak periods – they controlled the course of the match whole time. Great performance in their ranks was played by Marte Siren Figenschau, who threw eight times and her efficiency level was 100%.  Most valuable player in Netherland was Nikita van der Vliet – author of ten goals.

NETHERLANDS – NORWAY 25:34 (13:19)

Netherlands: Trooster, van der Linden – van der Vliet 10, de Boer, van der Baan 5, Krullaars N. 1, Amsen 1, Tutert 1, Kruijswijk, Dekker 2, Krullaars Z.,van Diepen, Hilbrands, van der Geest, Sprengers 4, Theron 1

Norway: Skogrand, Finneide – Oyerhamn 2, Hove 3, Kjolholdt 4, Deila T. 4, Svele 6, Deila L., Eiriksson, Figenschau 8, Morch, Novak 3, Moen, Hansen 3, Sendi, Arnesen


Ricardo  Clarjis, head coach of Netherlands: I don’t think that we lost concentration at the beginning of the match. Norway was just better, They started very well and were very eager. After the break we backed in the game but in the decisive phase when we could put the gap down to two goals we missed too much chances. I think that the style of handball that Norway represented was very mature. I know that in this game we also had many good actions  but before match with China I want to practice our defense.

Knut Ove Joa, head coach of Norway: We knew that this match that will be difficult challenge. We did amazing job most of the time. We were very energetic and our handball was on a high level.

Aneta Szypnicka, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP