After weaker beginning Japanese started to play better. They beat Argentina – it’s their first victory in the tournament.

Whole Argentina team reacted very spontaneously to every successful action both in defense and in attack. Japanese had problems with crossing the defensive line of their rivals due to Argentina’s physical advantage. They had to catch up with speed and being inventive. At one point, players from South America jumped on four goals but Asian girls scored four goals in a row and led to a draw. It was a harbinger of their better, games. Japan continued to play well and went down for a break with four goals advantage.

After the break players coached by Jun Tanaka  increased their lead and controlled the field event. Both teams played very ambitious and fought for a good result with all their strength. The advantage of the Asian girls was so safe that their victory was not threatened.

ARGENTINA – JAPAN  23:26 (10:14)

ARGENTINA: Bohner, Carrido – Prado, Viviers 1, Bono 10, Cavo , Rios, Rivero, Peletay Rittaco, Villarazza, Irribarria 5, Vazquez, Garrido, Azcune 1, Ballada 3, Baggio, Coccuini 3.

JAPAN: Chiba, Kakizoe – Tsujino, Abe 6, Ito 8, Hattori, Yasuda, Okada 3, Nukimizu, Hirano 1, Tanifuji 3, Kurebay 1, Emoto, Ujimura, Moriya 1, Ueda 4

Wojciech Staniec, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Gisele Pintos (head coach of Argentina): After good beginning we  did four or five mistakes while Japan was very good at fastbreakes .  Now we have matches against strong teams and we need to stay positive , rebuild our  confidence and improve our attack.