Second match and second victory for Poland! This time, after a very good match, Polish girls beat Slovakia (29:26). With four points on account and in good spirit hosts are waiting for next, demanding rivals – Romania and Germany.

Both teams approached the match in a completely different mood: Polish on the wave of a victory over Angola (26:19), Slovakian had in their minds the lost points in the last seconds against Romania (21:22).

Hosts admitted after the first game that they have already overcame their debut nerves and are counting on another good performances. The Slovakian coach argued though that despite the loss his team played a very good match and the only thing that did not go his way was the result. A chance for improvement came two days later in the Slavic derby.

The rest day well influenced both teams. From the very first whistle of the Macedonian judges, the match was at a very good pace, the teams were clearly fosused on the offensive, and th egame could really enjoy. During the first 30 minutes the lead changed constantly.

That was the polish side that started better. When scoreboard showed the tenth minute, they were leading by 7 to 5. After 18 minutes, however, Slovakia team were up in front (10: 8). Magda Więckowska led to the draw then with two actions in the style of Michał Jurecki. In the entire match girl from Kielce, chosen MVP among Polish team, scored 10 times. Opponents, however, once again stormed the Polish goal, but again they managed to reach only two-goal advantage. Polish goalkeeper, Barbara Zima, was well-disposed. She ended the first half with 48 percent effectiveness in goal. Due to to her next interventions, Poland made up for the losses within the break (13:13).

Although the Slovakia team opened the result of the second part, the hosts domiated later. After scoring four goals in a row, they gained three goals advantage (18:15), and after the first quarter they were leading by 22:17. Rivals were able to afford another one impuls (20:22), Zuzana Trepacova was doing her best (8 goals and MVP title among rivals), but Polish girls did not let them to change the course of the game. Thanks to stable and high disposition throughout the match, Polish team team can enjoy now the second victory in the tournament (29:26).

SLOVAKIA – POLAND 26:29 (13:13)

POLAND: Wdowiak, Zima 1, Chodakowska – Olek 3, Cygan 3, Stanisławczyk, Sobecka 3, Więckowska 10, Zagrajek, Haric, Szczepanik 3, Dworniczuk, Bury, Borowska, Pietras 4, Kowalik 2

SLOVAKIA: Chudovska, Opatova, Olahova – Trepacova 8, Marcincakova, Beluskova, Pastorekova 6, Meszaros 4, Ratvajska, Chovanova, Holincova, Kakascikova 3, Kosova 2, Michalkova 2, Galkova 1, Manczal

Maciej Szarek, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Barbara Zima, Polish goalkeeper: I was preparing for this match normally. We knew Slovakia more, we knew where they could throw and that’s why this match came out better for us. I tried to do what the coach told me. Tomorrow is the next match, next preparations and we must have next good attitude to the match again.

Magda Więckowska, capitan of the Polish team: We are certainly very tired, but everybody is happy that we won. We played with Slovakia many times, but we knew it would be a tough match, because they lost their last game and they had to go out and play for everything. In the second half, I had less stress in my head, I did not think that the first part of the match was bad for me. The coach said that the match starts once again, so we played from the very beginning like that.

Rasmus Poulsen, head coach of Slovakia: We fought, we used the tools we had to fight, but once again it wasn’t enough. We cannot complain about the game, as we played really good, but we didn’t manage to achieve our goal. Polish goalkeeper was one of the factors we lose, but it was also about key moments of the game in the second half, we missed some shots, we didn’t save few situations. Our next opponent is Germany, they play after us today, but I don’t think it will be a problem for them that they will have less time to rest, because they are physically very strong.