After a one-day break, Group A returned to the game. The first match between the teams from Austria and Romania promised to be extremely interesting. Unfortunately, players from the Mozart country did not an idea how to defeat the opponent and because of that the representation from the Black Sea could enjoy a triumph.

From the first minute of the match, the girls from Romania started building their advantage. Diana Ciuca, who defended the majority of opponent’s throws, was doing great in the goal. This caused Austria’s extraordinary nervousness both in attack and defence. They started to make a lot of mistakes in the defence which resulted in a large number of dictated penalty kicks for the team from Romania. The players from the Black Sea used every mistake of the opponents. After the first half of the match, we could see the score 8:21.

The second part of the match was not much different from the first one. Rumania continued to play very well in the attack, and Diana’s friend from goal – Andreea Chetraru confidently guarded the goal. The coach of Austria – Helfried Muller tried all variants of the game. Unfortunately, without a success. The girls from Romania remained calm and achieved their second victory in the group stage.


AUSTRIA – ROMANIA  19 : 37 (8:21)

AUSTRIA: L. Ivancok, L. Krenn – K. Martinovic, L. Fehringer 1, N. Neidhart 7, S. Draguljic 2, J. Reichert 1, L. Kofler 1, K. Dramac 2, L. Spalt 1, K. Pandza 2, A. Marksteiner , A. Matosevic, B. Kerestely 1, K. Schlegel 1.

ROMANIA: A. Chetraru, D. Ciuca – I. Balaceanu 6, A. Cace 4, A. Coman, A. Popa 1, M. Barabas 3, D. Valcan 4, I. Marin 2, A. Tarsoaga 4 , S. Jipa, P. Moraru 1, R. Stamin 4, M. Ilie 6, M. Pica 2, D. Lascateu



Helfried Muller, head coach of Austria: We started with no defense. We had no chances to stop them in any way in the frist half. I think in the attack we have played better, but a lot of shots were missed. Romania played perfectly, they had pressure, passion, power. I’m really angry on my team, but it doesn’t help. This is tournament, we are here to lern anyway.

Germany and Romania – two teams we faced – are very strong. But that’s girls and it a long long way. Denmark played best handball till now. But we cannot judge anything yet.


Karolina Zielonka