Austria finally got their two points! Although fifteen minutes untill the end the players were losing against Angola, the end belonged only to them. The charges of Helfried Mueller won 23:20.

AUSTRIA – ANGOLA 23:20 (12:11)

Until today, the matches played as the last ones in Hall Legionów, were rather one-sided. However, the match Austria – Angola didn’t match the pattern. The stake of the match were first two points of the tournament, as none of the equipes managed to win or even draw any duel. The game from the very beginning was really equal  and the first half finished with the minimal lead of Austria.

First minutes of the second half didn’t forecast a plot twist. But after ten minutes Austrian players got stuck and Angola sped up and worked out a 17:14 advantage. The Afrcian team started to play infallibly  in attack and defense and additionally Paulina Da Silva saved a penalty shot that could lower the loss of Austrian team. In a while she saved a shot again and only the third action in a row finished with a goal for Austria. Until the end there was only a quarter left and the score was 18:15 for Angola. It was going extremely slowly, but finally, a moment untill the last whistle, Austrian team got a draw and another moment later they took the lead and quite surprisingly won 23:20.

AUSTRIA: Ivancok, Krenn – Martinovic, Fehringer 7, Neidhart 6, Draguljic 2, Reichert, Kofler 1, Dramac 1, Spalt, Pandza 2, Marksteiner 2, Matosevic, Kerestely, Schlegel 2

ANGOLA: Frederico, Da Silva – Sucacuexe, Esteves, Kiala 4, Monteiro 1, Masseu 11, Castro, Tchitongua, Coio 1, Gabriel 3, Sebastaio, Ferreira, Rosario, Mateus

Helfried Mueller, head coach of Austria: We arrived in the tournament! We really didn’t have time for preparation, Germany and Romania were to strong for us, this time we showed a character and a big heart, we had also a solid goalkeeper and a lot of things depended on that. Our team stood up after first losses against above mentioned teams.