On the fourth day of the championship all teams will stand on the field again. Matches in both arenas will start at 10:00 and two last games will start simultaneously at 20:00. In Hall Legionów the eyes of the local public will be focused of the game Poland vs Romania, while in Hall Politechnika the biggest interest will be created around the match France vs Spain.


In the goup A there comes crucial moment. Three teams, Romania, Germany and Poland, have got 4 points each on their accountr. Slovakia, Angola and Austria still didn’t get their first points. Two last of them will face each other tomorrow aiming for the goal of rebound. Poland will play against the most difficult opponent so far, Romania. In the group B points split a bit different. We have two teams with 2 points (Hungary, Denmark), two with 2 points (Croatia, Chile) and two without anything (Sweden, Egypt).


16:00 GER-SVK

18:00 ROU-POL

20:00 AUT-ANG


10:00 HUN-CRO

12:00 DEN-EGY

14:00 SWE-CHI


After one day of rest players from group D are back in the game! Fans gathered in Politechnika Hall first will see Korea against Montenegro. Korea won high both matches. On the other hand players from Balkans have only one point on their account but it was won in match full of emotions – duel with Spain.The fate of the result weighed to the very end. The duel between France and Spain promises to be very interesting.

The first of these teams has a set of points and two good matches behind them, and the second has three points. So the rate of this game will be very high. In the last match of group D, Tunisia and Kazakhstan  – teams that lost both of their matches will play with each other. This means that one of these teams will win the first points in the tournament.


16:00 NOR-ARG

18:00 RUS-JPN

20:00 CHN – NED

Players from group C didn’t have much time to rest because they play day by day. Norway enter tomorrow’s game as unbeaten team. Argentina made good appearance in duel with Japan but ultimately lost which was big disappointment for them. The Russians also started the tournament well, but now they meet with unpredictable team of Japan. At the end of the day, the Chinese women who haven’t won yet will play against the Netherlands, which really want to win after today defeat with Norway.


10:00 KOR – MNE

12:00 FRA – ESP

14:00 TUN-KAZ


Hala Legionów – ul. Leszka Drogosza 2, 25-093 Kielce

Hala Politechniki Świętokrzyskiej – al. Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 7, 25-314