Representatives of Korea played very good match and again won very high.

The beginning of this match was very even and it was promised to be full of emotions. Koreans changed defence style to very active one (3:3). That cause much trouble for Montenegrins, who had to work very hard to score every goal.  Good defensive play resulted in repeatedly fastbreaks, in 22 minute they lead with ten goals and with that difference ended first part of the game.

Koreans were very agile and quick in attack. Such attitude forced Montenegrins to foul and they often received two minutes penalty.

Having a good advantage Asian girls controlled the field events and all the time had about ten more goals than their rivals.This wasn’t the best match for the goalkeepers of both teams, and the fans could see  large number of goals. The end was one-sided and Korea won by two goals.

KOREA – MONTENEGRO 37:24 (20:10)

KOREA: Yeo, Lee M. – Choi 4, Jeong Y., Jeong H. 1, Park, Son 1, Jo 1, Lee D. 3, Kim S. 7, Oh 3, Kim J., Kim H. 1, Park 1, Yun 7, Woo 8

MONTENEGRO: Babović, Pandurević – Hetemi, Beharović 1, Bozović 5, Radović, Globarević, Popović, Djukić, Corović 5, Godec 5, Dzaferović Ka., Vukcević 2, Raicević 3, Dzaferović Ks, Knezević 5

Wojciech Staniec, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Suzana Lazović (assistant head coach of Montenegro): We missed several opportunities in attack. I think that’s because of the transition that we are having right now in handball in Montenegro. We used to focus on the defense and we are very good at it. Now we are trying to practice our attack skills.

Seon Ok Oh (head coach of Korea): We treat every match like opening match of the tournament. Every time we do our best. We are happy that all of our players are healthy and in the good shape. The injuries the players had weren’t serious.