No surprise in the game between Sweden and Chile. Scandinavians by defeating the team from South America (31:19) reached for the first victory in the tournament (after defeats against Hungary and Denmark). When gaining the first two points, Swedish team joined the fight for the TOP 16 round.

Chileans from the very beginning of the match caused great difficulties to the rivals from Sweden. The Three Crowns team had problems with forcing a strong and mobile defensive of the team from South America. After 20. minutes the scoreboard still showed draw (9:9). Scandinavians realized though that after two defeats they found themselves in a difficult situation and two points in the match with an exotic rival are their duty. At the end of the first half, the Swedes finally began to laboriously build an advantage, so they got to the break being four goals ahead (17:13).

In the second half of the match the game was very one-sided. The Chileans were clearly weakened, and the Swedes consistently used it. Most effective was Isabelle Andersson, she scored nine times. Effect? Powerful advantage at the end of the match – 12 goals.

SWEDEN – CHILE 31:19 (17:13)

SWEDEN: Lundahl, Hultberg-Dahlgren, Espling-ek – Alm 2, Cardell, Moreno 3, Wahlstrom 1, Wallenberg 5, Sandberg 3, Dahlstrom 4, Jarvin, Dano, Sjostrand Hallman 2, Schelin 1, Andersson 9, Dahlberg 1

CHILE: Cortez, Andrade – Parra 2, Baumann, Alvarez 4, Sepulveda 2, Araya 3, Sepulveda, Alarcon, Rebolledo 2, Gomez, Ramirez 1, Pacheco 5, Diaz, Gajardo, Yarelli.

Maciej Szarek, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Niklas Harris, head coach of Sweden team: We used our speed today. We really love playing very fast. We have done it in the last two games. We were very calm today and we have played “running” handball. I think that our best player was Isabelle Andersson, but also goalkeeper – Josefine Hultberg-Dahlgren – was very good. We will do everything to be in the best eight of this tournament.