In their third game on Championship handballers from Tunisia won high with Kazakhstan.

It was very crucial match for both teams, because they lost their previous games. The stake of this game was first points in the Championship. Only the very beginning of this meeting was even. Later on, Tunisia’s advantage grew gradually. Handballers from Africa won the first half  20:11.

After the break fans could watch slightly more balanced game, but Tunisians had safe advantage through time. Kazakhstan managed to reduce the loss to seven goals, but the fate of the meeting didn’t change. Tunisian player Aouij Fadwa who threw 10 goals played very good match. In the end happiness from victory and having first points in the tournament could  feel team from Africa.

TUNISIA – KAZAKHSTAN  36:26 (20:11)

TUNISIA: Naoui, Mkadem, Reguigui – Mhadhbi 1, Maaref 1, Eloui 1, Aouij 10, Yaccoub 2, Chabbi, Bouchalghouma 2, Zalfani 7, Arifa 1, Chandarli 2, Masri 7, Ayachi, Azri 2

TUNISIA: Aitmagambetova, Zhanibekkyzy – Stepanova 5, Syzdykova 1, Zhaparova 5, Malysheva 1, Murzagul 4, Khamitova 2, Kirillova, Karymsak 1, Pernebek, Seitkassym 3, Iskakova 3

Wojciech Staniec, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Yessine Arfa (director of Tunisia): We are here to learn and play quality handball so after two tough matches with titled teams we could give all players chance to play. This game was very important for us because it gave us opportunity to be still in the game for next round.