After a long day of competition in Politechnika Hall China met with Netherland. Supporters gathered in arena certainly weren’t disappointed. Not only was it the last match but also the most even one.

The Dutch had one victory and one defeat on their account and with that ratio they started the duel. Bin Zhang’s players didn’t manage to win any points in Kielce so far. Encounter between both teams brought lot of positive emotions and was extremely fierce.

There is probably no other team on the tournament, which approach every duel  so energetically and spontaneously as the representation of China. Asian girls make a lot of noise, they smile eternally and celebrate every action like they had already won the World Championship. This very charming behavior gave them many fans.

Netherland team could not be moved out of the rhythm. They adapted to the very fast tempo of the game, resumed their actions quickly and this brought them some benefits. Oranje fought hard in defense and could not be fooled by the combination of Chinese girls. After thirty minutes of play they led by two goals.

CHINA – NETHERLANDS 30:32 (16:18)

China: Song, Zou – Huang 1, Liu 5, Zhu J., Chen 2, Tang 7, Lian, Zhu M. 5, Zhou 10, Wang, Sun Mingyue, Sun Miaomiao, Li, Doi, Dong

Netherlands: Trooster, van der Linden – van der Vliet 2, de Boer, van der Baan 1, Krullaars N. 9, Amsen 1, Tutert, Krujiswijk 1, Dekker 1, Krullaars Z., van Diepen, Hilbrands, van der Geest 3, Sprengers 12, Theron 3


Ricardo Clarijs, head coach of Netherlands: China team has very variable style of playing, they had many options. We didn’t have good defense today that’s why Chinese girls scored so many goals. Our attack was okey, we don’t particularly like to play against teams that represent Asian style of play. Sometimes we tried to do things to quickly and that’s why we did some mistakes. But at the end  I’m very glad that despite all the circumstances we won.

I hope that injuries my players got today aren’t serious but unfortunately they don’t look good. In case if it is really bad we still think positive because we have sixteen good players. Maybe we will have less option but we will try to fix it.

Bin Zhang, head coach of China: The match versus Netherlands was very meaningful for  China team. We fought very hard and we are very disappointed. There were weak points in defense, and we missed many chances to score. We made some changes because we wanted to strengthen our defense. Our players have to realize that they have to take every chance to score they have. Now we focus on duel with Argentina, we take it very seriously.