Despite the defeat, the Polish team played a good game – White and Red impressed above all with the character – and the match was attractive. However, the favorites from Germany turned out to be better (30:25).

The Polish-German rivalry, in every discipline, always evokes additional emotions. We were counting on such also on Sunday evening, as the 2nd and 3rd teams in the Group A table were facing. The favorites, if only for the European championship won in this age category a year ago in Bratislava, were players from Germany, who were remaining unbeaten in first three matches in Kielce. Polish girls though after the defeat against Romania two days earlier wanted to return on the right track and once again show off the good side. We were not disappointed.

Polish girls started the match very focused and opened with a 2-0 lead. Coach Agnieszka Truszyńska gone for an offensive variant: with Magda Więckowska and Gabriela Harić (two nominal left back players) in the attack and a high and aggressive defense 5: 1. Despite the initial problems, the Germans quickly found a way for it. In the actions of the Polish team sneaked nervousness and the effect was five-goal advantage for rivals (6:11, 19 min.). When it seemed that the Germans were starting to distance Poland dangerously, White-Red had a fantastic reaction to the crisis. Playing bravely and without complexes, by the end of the first part of the game they reduced the losses to a minimum (13:14).

Three minutes after the change of sides, the scoreboard was already pointing to a draw (14:14). Magda Więckowska scored. However, after a while, the German team recorded a five-goal series and after ten minutes of the second game the guests were leading by 20:15. To make matters worse, a red card for a foul on Aimee Von Pereira (9 hits, MVP title among Germans) was seen by Julia Zagrajek who played a good match. Once again, Polish team found itself in a difficult position. White and Red again impressed with character and rushed on rivals. The defense of the Germans was ripped apart by Lucyna Sobecka (7 goals and MVP title among Polish team). This time, however, Polish girls managed to get closer to only three goals (20:23, 46 minutes). The Germans controlled the course of the match and eventually won 30 to 25.

The next match Poland will play on Monday at 18 against Austria. Right after them, the Germans will clash with Romania in the hit of group A.

POLAND – GERMANY 25:30 (13:14)

POLAND: Wdowiak, Zima, Chodakowska – Olek, Cygan 5, Stanisławczyk 1, Sobecka 7, Więckowska 2, Zagrajek 2, Haric 3, Szczepanik, Dworniczuk, Bury, Borowska 1, Pietras 4, Kowalik

GERMANY: Zenner, Waldenmaier – Uhlmann, Hausherr 3, Kockel 2, Weise 3, Andreas 1, Mühlner 1, Quist 2, Von Pereira 9, Agwunedu, Wulf, Neubrander 5, Golla, Michalczik 2, Bleckmann 2

Maciej Szarek, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP