The Russians confirmed their good form at the World Championships and in fourth match of the tournament they defeated Holland.

In the first half the fields  events changed several times. The Russians started this match very well and after 5  minutes they were leading 4: 0. But then the Netherlands started to play much better and quickly led to a 6: 6 draw. Moments later, the image of the game changed again and this time the Russians began to build an advantage and they went for a break having four goals more than their rivals.

After the break, the match got more even, but  the Russians maintained a safe lead. The Netherlands tried to put the gap down,a quarter before the end they had only three goals  less than their rivals, but eventually they didn’t manage to lead to a draw. The Russians have built up an advantage again, the Netherlands rushed to make up for losses again but hey didn’t succeed and Russia triumphed again.

Russia – Netherlands 30:27 (16:12)

Rosja: Vereshchak, Karabutova – Cherniaeva, Mikhaylichenko 7, Sheina 1, Sinelnikova 4, Krakhmaleva, Torusina 1, Skivko 4, Maslova 9, Sidnina, Levchina 1, Mukhina 1, Smirnova 2

Holandia: Trooster, van der Linden – van der Vliet 7, de Boer 1, van der Baan 1, Krullaars N. 8, Amsen, Tutert, Dekker 2, Krullaars Z. 1,van Diepen 1, Hilbrands, van der Geest, Sprengers 4, Theron 2, Nusser 5


Liubov Sidorichev (head coach of Russia):  It was a difficult match, we couldn’t carry out as many changes as in previous games, because several players are struggling with a cold. In addition, this is the first European team we have faced, the competition has been at a very high level.

Ricardo Clarijs (head coach of Netherlands): Besides two periods that lasted five minutes we played good game. Russia is a tough opponent, they have tall players who are predisposed for shooting. But as I said I think that we played good match and with some more luck and patience maybe we could have better result. I happy because i see progress from the first match.