Until the end of the competition in the group stage, only two games remained for teams from group A and C. The first one will take place on Sunday, after a rest day. In the Hall Legionow, the match between Poland and Germany seems to be a hit, but the Slovakia – Austria rivalry should give us a lot of emotions as well. In the group C the most attractive game seems to be the clash between Russia and Denmark.


In the hall where PGE VIVE plays their matches on a daily basis, two very interesting games and one clash of a tycoon with an outsider are about to take place. We will start with the match of Romania, having maximum amount of points on their account, against the last in the group Angola, still remaining without even one. Then it’s time for great emotions for the hosts. Polish girls – 3rd place in the group – after being defeated by Romania, will be relly motivated to steal the points from the Germans – 2nd place in the group. Competition with their western neighbours always raises additional tension. After the clash of the day we will see Slovakia and Austria. The stake of the game between the fourth and the fifth team in group A is huge – two points gained on Sunday evening will potentially save promotion to the next stage for one of the teams.


16 ROU – ANG




After a day of break, the players of group C return to game too. Russia and Netherlands are the first teams to play against each other on Sunday. This match promises to be very interesting, because Netherlands is an unpredictable team and Russians are doing well in this tournament, they have a set of victories and they are definitely aiming for the first place. Japan will have a difficult task with Norway, which will be fighting for victory in their group. At the end of the day on the field we will see teams with zero point achievements – Argentina and China, so we can be sure that one of these teams will win the first points.


16 RUS – NED

18 JPN – NOR

18 ARG – CHN


Hala Legionów – ul. Leszka Drogosza 2, 25-093 Kielce

Hala Politechniki Świętokrzyskiej – al. Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 7, 25-314

Maciej Szarek/Wojciech Staniec, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP