Amazing actions, great emotions and many goals – that is the image after match in which Korea beat France and won rivalisation in group D.

At the end of the struggle in Group D there was a real hit! The teams that won the previous four matches  stood in front of each other, so the first place in the group was the stake of this duel. The fans couldn’t complain about lack of emotions, as after first 10 minutes a total of 19 goals were scored!  Good defense began to function faster in Korea, which after a just a quarter jumped on four goals. France, however, didn’t let go and started to put the gap down and after the first part of the match lost only by one goal!

A moment after the resumption of the game, France took the lead, but it only lasted few minutes and Korea quite quickly made up for the losses and jumped on four hits again. In  following minutes the duel was very tight, and many goals were scored. Asian girls in 51 minute scored goal number 40 in this match! At the end of the duel, nothing changed and it was Asian handballers who won the game and the entire group

Korea – France 45:39 (22:21)

Korea: Yeo, Lee M. – Choi, Jeong Y., Jeong H. 1, Park, Son 1, Jo, Lee D. 3, Kim S. 8, Oh 7, Kim J. 1, Kim H., Park 10, Yun 2, Woo 12

France: Portes, Andre – Peillon 3, Leblevec, Mairot 3, Louis 2, di Rocco, Lasm 6, Wajoka 3, Pora 2, Moore 2, Ouattara 4, Jarrige, Dembele, Foppa 9, Jacques 5


Seon Ok Oh (head coach of Korea): This was the most important game in the preliminary round because the result decided about first place in group D. We didn’t expect that it would be an easy game. Both teams didn’t have good defense, so the game was all about scoring. They knew our weakness which is pivot especially in attack. We want to work on that.

Laurent Puigsegur (head coach of France): I think that it was good match for spectators. Many goals were shooted.  My goalkeepers had really low percentage of saves which were only 13 and 9 %. Now we have one day rest and we will be working really hard.