Three is today a happy number for Poland. Thanks to the 27:24 victory over Austria, Polish girls reached for the third win in the tournament and secured themselves third place in the group. In 1/8, they will face Denmark.

The stake of the match was clear: 3rd place in the group. The winner will play in the 1/8 finals with Denmark, a loser with the Hungarian team. Because of the better goal difference of Poles (-4 to -20), White-Red was enough to draw. The opponents were Austria, who got their tickets for the world championships in Kielce – according to their coach – in “last second mode”. It was the Austrians who benefited from the problems of Brazil and the withdrawal from the tournament from the Coffee Country, joining the tournament at the last minute.

Polish girls after a good start of the tournament (victories against Angola and Slovakia) recorded two defeats – with Romania and Germany. Austria was on the opposite pole – after a weak start of the championships, they improved in the last two games, scoring four points. Thanks to this, both teams already had saved promotion from the group before the start of the match. Only the position in the group remained open.

The most common result in the first quarter was a draw. For the first time one of the teams went on a two-goal lead only in the 18th minute. Austria led then 10 to 8. After a while Polish team found itself in an even more difficult position, because they played with double suspension. The moment of the crisis was taken advantage of by the Austrians who quickly built the advantage (14: 9, 25 min). In good shape was Lena Ivancok, who repeatedly stopped Polish players, especially wingers. White-Red, however, gathered to fight for the last five minutes before the change of sides. Eventually, they were losing only by two goals then (13:15).

The beginning for the second half belonged to Poland undoubtedly. Scoring five goals in a row, White-Red first led to a draw and later distanced the rivals for three points (18:15, 38 min). However, the Austrians shook off the lethargy and leveled the match in the 48th minute (20:20). Nina Niedhart (9 goals, MVP among Austrians) perforated the Polish net. The next attact of Polish girls they could not stop anymore. Paulina Wdowiak (46% of effective interventions, the title of MVP among Polish women) was superb, Polish the attack was leaded as usual by Magda Więckowska (8 goals). In result Polish team won 27 to 24.

Considering Monday’s victory of Poland on Wednesday at 18 30 they will face Denmark in the fight for quarterfinals of the World Cup.

POLAND – AUSTRIA 27:24 (13:15)

POLAND: Wdowiak, Zima, Chodakowska – Olek 2, Cygan 4, Stanisławczyk 2, Sobecka 5, Więckowska 8, Zagrajek 3, Haric, Szczepanik, Dworniczuk, Bury, Borowska, Pietras 2, Kowalik 1

AUSTRIA: Ivancok, Krenn – Martinovic 1, Fehringer, Neidahrt 9, Draguljic, Reichert 2, Kofler, Dramac 2, Spalt, Pandza 3, Marksteiner, Matosevic 1, Kerestely, Schlegel 6

Maciej Szarek, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Agnieszka Truszyńska, Polish national team coach: I am very happy with this match. It is difficult for us to play against opponents from division A, while we are in Division B. The girls did a lot of work. In was only the match against Romania that didn’t go our way, so I’m happy in general. We play with everyone here to take up the fight for the public, for everyone. The girls will be well prepared to play with Denmark.

Paulina Wdowiak, Polish national team goalkeeper: I am very happy that we won this match. We were preparing for it and that was our goal. We are all happy, but now we are facing another match that we need to focus on. Today’s award was the first in such a tournament for me and I am very happy that I could show what I can do. Tomorrow we will rest and prepare for the match with Denmark. We played with them sometime in Płock, we have to remember this match. In my opinion, we have a great chance to win this game.