NetherlandS and Argentina inaugurated the last day of the group C struggles. Although the start of the meeting was really tight, players from Holland  won certain 33:18 and thus secured themselves third place in the table.

The Argentinians had enough strength to conduct an even fight with the Dutch  only for twenty minutes, and then the handballers from Europe definitely lead.

However, it started very promising. In Argentina’s ranks the team captain Carolina Bono, who threw four of the first five goals of his team, performed perfectly well. With time,the effectiveness of the team from South America began to come down, and the Dutch had slight lead.

Oranje have scored five goals in a row since 10:10, and this has caused a lot of confusion in the ranks of their rivals. Thirty minutes later, the European were already winning 17:11.

In the second part of the match the difference in the game of both teams was even greater. Handballers from Holland  had a lot of comfort, because their opponents weren’t able to construct an effective action in attack. For thirteen minutes Argentinians managed to score only one goal, and players of Ricardo Clarijs calmly added successive goals to their account. Eventually they won 33:18.


Holandia: Trooster, van der Linden – van der Vliet 8, de Boer 5, van der Baan 2, Krullaars 3, Amsen, Tutert 1, Dekker 2, Krullaars Z. 1, van Diepen 2, van der Geest 2, Sprengers 1, Theron 3, Nusser 3

Argentyna: Bohner, Garrido – Prado, Viviers 1, Bono 6, Cavo 3. Rios 2, Rivero, Pelatay Ritacco, Irribarria 1, Vazquez, Azcune 2, Ballada, Baggio 3, Cuccuini


Ricardo Clarijs, head coach of Netherlands: It wasn’t difficult game. We played okey, maybe sometimes a little bit sloppy. But at the end I am very happy about the result. I’m glad that girls were concentrated in the defense.

Giselle Pintos, head coach of Argentina: We had good first half, but again we made the same mistakes as in yesterday match and the previous ones. We often lost balls and didn’t have good situation in attack.

Aneta Szypnicka, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP