After victories against Sweden and Egypt, Croatia added two more points in the match against Chile (21:20) and secured third place in group B. Chile team reduced their chances of promotion to a minimum.

Crotian girls from the very first minutes seemed to dictate the rhythm of the game. After five minutes, they led 4:2. Unexpectedly, after that Chile came out on the forehead and after 17 minutes the score was 7:5 for players from South America. The Croatians have been making up for the losses for a long time, and they have only equalized four minutes before the break (10:10). Both teams added one goal before the change of sides.

In the second half, the result with two goals in a row opened Chile and they maitained in the lead for a very long time. The Croatians did not reach the status quo until the 43rd minute (15:15). Three minutes later they were already in the lead (17:16). Although Hrvatska could not build a significant advantage after that, they reached the finish line first (21:20)

Chileans almost certainly will be eliminated from the tournament. That would not happen if Sweden lose with Egypt with a huge difference of goals, which is very unlikely.

CHILE – CROATIA 20:21 (11:11)

CHILE: Cortez, Andrade – Parra 1, Alvarez 7, Sepulveda V. 5, Araya, Sepulveda C., Alarcon, Rebolledo 5, Gomez, Ramirez, Pacheco 2, Diaz, Gajardo, Yarelli

CROATIA: Marinović, Pokopac – Barisić 2, Malec 2, Ivanda 3, Popović, Guskić, Vucić, Rubić 1, Vidaković 1, Petika 3, Vojnović 1, Kaselj, Barbir, Miholić 5, Humel 3

Maciej Szarek, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Goran Bobić, coach of the Croatian national team: We are already in the second phase, now everything can happen. Especially in the women’s handball. You do not know what tomorrow will bring. Now I am very happy that we are still in the tournament. Today we played very badly in the attack, but we managed to win anyway. This is important.