A day full of handball! Let’s start the best phase!

A day full of handball! Let’s start the best phase!

The tournament is stepping into the phase, where the teams have to be faultless. Each tiny mistake can result in getting overboard. Wednesday is going to be a very long day. We start in both arenas at 9:30 and we will see twelve matches in total!


The first part of the day in Hall Legionów will be totally unpredictable! At 9:30 Angola will face Egypt. The first team got their only point sensationaly drawing with Romania. Egypt didn’t manage to score any point but in all their matches they caused some problems to their rivals. At 11:45 Slovakia will play against Chile. The team that won only their last game in the group will face the team who won only the first one. Both teams secured two points on their accounts and both have equal chances to win the Wednesday’s match.

At 14:00 we will start the 1/8 finals. On this stage everything can happen and even if theoretically stronger side plays against the weaker one, you will not be able to predict the final result. Mostly it is the shape of the day, that decides the score. Firstly, the winners of group B, Hungary, will play against the fourth equipe of group A, Austria. The charges of Beata Bohus are the only team unbeaten in Hall Legionów so far and definitely will do their best to sustain their good run.

Then, the court will be taken by the group A winners, Romania and the fourth team of group B, Sweden. The players of Carmen Amariei seem to be an obvious favourite, as they drew only with Angola and tightly won against Slovakia and the rest of their games the Romanian side won surely.

At 18:30 there will come a big moment for the host! Poland, that finally took the third place in group A will play against the second equipe of group B, Denmark. Huge assets of the Danes are dynamic and a throw from the distance, thus the Polish side will need to focus on their strong defense in order to emerge successfully from this game.

In the end of the day another good duel, a very stable Germany will play against unpredictable Croatia. Both teams have strong team spirits and high quality of playing thus definitely it is worth coming to the Hall Legionów to see the last game, that will start at 20:45.


9:30 ANG – EGY

11:45 SVK – CHI


14:00 HUN – AUT

16:15 ROU – SWE

18:30 POL – DEN

20:45 CRO – GER



At the beginning of the day we will have matches of the President’s Cup. The competition will be started by Kazakhstan and China, that are teams that took the last places in groups C and D. In addition, they had zero point achievements, which means that this time, one of these teams will enjoy first win in tournament. Later, we will see the match of Argentina and Montenegro, that didn’t get into 1/8 stage, but showed their good sides several times.

Later, the first matches of the 1/8 finals are waiting for us. First, the unpredictable Netherland will face Norway. This will be the beginning of emotions, and the next games promise to be equally interesting. The European duel between Spain and Norway will be also exciting. Then there will be Asian derby, which is a duel between unbeaten Korea and Japan.. A set of victories have also Russia, that  at the end of the day will face Tunisia.


9:30 CHN – KAZ

11:45 ARG – MNE


14:00 NED – FRA

16:15 ESP – NOR

18:30 KOR – JAP

20:45 RUS – TUN


Hala Legionów – ul. Leszka Drogosza 2, 25-093 Kielce

Hala Politechniki Świętokrzyskiej – al. Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 7, 25-314 Kielce

photo credit: PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP

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