The eyes of most fans during the World Championships are directed at the players who leave health and heart on the fields during the competition. However, you can not forget about other actors of the show an that are of course the judges. It is them who watch over everything that goes on the field to be strictly according to the rules and sometimes they have unusually difficult decisions to make.

During the IHF Youth U18 Women’s World Championships in Poland , we have one pair of arbitrators coming from country of the host – Bartosz Leszczyński and Marcin Piechota. Both are already experienced judges, but despite this, participation in such a tournament is a special distinction for them. For many reasons.

– This year we have a special year, because we celebrate the centenary of handball existence. This is a great event for the whole federation, but also for us. This is the first time we are judging at an event of such rank in our country. It is a distinction and ennoblement for us. We want to present not only ourselves, but also the whole referee’s environment from the best side – revealed Bartosz Leszczyński.

Polish arbiters also feel like the hosts of the tournament and they want the other referees to take away positive impressions from here. Marcin Piechota has an additional role this time. – Polish hospitality is well known. I am the group spiker  – someone like a guide for referees from abroad. We try to help them on a regular basis. We also explain various complexities, we teach a bit of Polish and we show Kielce. As far as it is possible, because so far there was not much free time. We knew some people from the group that works during the tournament before the championship, some are new, we have contact with each other. You can ask any pair who are here, how they feel, what impressions they have and I can say immodestly that everyone is happy. We have a bond between us and we hope that it will be until the very end! – announce Piechota.

With their stay in Poland are also satisfied Yasmina and Heidy Elsaied from Egitp. 

– This is  our first time in Poland, but we like it in here very much . We think that this is beautiful country –  said judges from Egypt.

Both are very young, and refereing  matches at the World Championships is a great honor for them, especially since this is their first event of such rank. They treat their stay in Poland as an excellent opportunity to learn and gain experience.

– First of all, we want to present ourselves well at a championship event. This is our first time at the World Championships and we are really honored that we can be here – admitted referees.

Interestingly, both ladies are sisters.

-I guess iit’s easier to work with my sister because we share the same way of thinking during the game.  We know each other well, that helps us a lot – they said with a smile.