The first match for the President’s Cup, in the Hall Legionów, took place between the national team of Angola and Egypt. The first team made their only point sensationally with Romania. The Egyptians did not manage to win any match, but many times in their matches gave a lot of difficulties to his rivals. Wednesday’s match was better for Angola and they made the first step in the way to winning the President’s Cup.

The match was better started by Egypt, which immediately gained a two-goal advantage. While Angola made many easy mistakes that prevented them from reaching a tie. However, the nerves have also mastered the team from the Nile. Thanks to this Angola, in the fifteenth minute of the match, scored three goals in a row and this time they led. Later the result of the match changed once in favour of one and then the other team. The last five minutes turned out to be a weaker period in the game of both teams. The Egyptians were not able to accurately hand the ball, and Angola, though intercepting passes, couldn’t beat the opponent’s goalkeeper. However, in the last seconds of the match, they managed to get two goals in a row and go down to the locker room with a favourable result for them.

The second part of the match was composed by Angola. They did not avoid mistakes, but they built an advantage, which in the forty-seventh minute was five goals in their favour. Egypt at all costs tried to offset the losses and lead to a tie. However, they did not succeed. Angola gained more and more confidence while increasing the advantage. Finally, the match ended with a triumph for them:


ANGOLA-EGYPT 26:17 (12:10)

ANGOLA: Frederico, Da Silva – Sucacuexe, Esteves, Kiala 8, Monteiro 2, Masseu 10, Castro, Tchitongua, Coio, Gabriel 1, Sebastaio 1, Ferreira, Rosario 4, Mateus.

EGYPT: Usama Abdelfatah Elshazly, Osama Ebeid Abdalla–Kassem Ibrahem Kassem, Ahmed Moussa Elshawarby 1, Refat Kamal Refaie, Tarek Morsy Khedr 3, Hany Mahmoud Mabrouk 2, Mohamed Rady Ahmed 1, Salah Elsayed Hassanein 1, Haitham Hammad Zaiki 1, Abdelrazek Ali Eid Ali 3, Emadaldien Mohamed Osman, Mamdou Mohamed Mahmoud 2, Mohamed Gouda Wahdan 1, Khaled Fathy Ahmed 2.



Danilo Gagliard Junior, head coach of Angola: We won this game because we did everything that we should do in the last games. All our team was really good. In the next match, we will try to do the same result as today. This means that we are gonna try to concentrate on the match and score a good result.

Karolina Zielonka