The match between Slovakia and Chile promised to be a balanced match in which each team has the same chance of winning. The team, who won only the last match in the entire group stage, faced the team that won only in the first. Both teams at the end had two points, which put them equally in this match. And so it was. After the fierce battle, the victory went to Chile. 

The first half was better started by Chileans, which already in the tenth minute achieved an advantage at the level of three hits. It motivated them to a strong defensive game. All the time they were running away to the advantage of two goals, and the Slovaks were reducing the loss to one hit. They had several situations in which they could lead to a tie, but they could not use them. It was not until the twenty-third minute Nikolett Kosova threw the goal and we see the result after 9 minutes. In the last minute, Chilean used two simple mistakes opponents and again came on the lead 11:13.

The second part of the match to the thirty-eighth minute looked similar. Then the Chileans made a mistake in defence, and the judges dictated a penalty shoot. It was used by Reka Meszaros, thanks to that the Slovaks drew score 14:14. Moments later Chile played in a double weakening, during which the opponents, throwing the empty goal, started lead. However, Chile’s full of bravery did not succumb easily. Thanks to the great dispositions of the Madeleine Cortez-goalkeeper, they have done their best and have defeated Slovakia 23:29.


SLOVAKIA-CHILE 23:29  (11:13)

SLOVAKIA: Olahova, Opatova – Trepacova 5, Marcincakova 2, Beluskova 2,Pastorekova, Meszaros 7, Ratvajska, Chovanova, Holincova, Horvath, Kakascikova 2, Kosova 1, Michalkova, Galkova, Manczal 1.

CHILE: Cortez, Andrade – Parra ,Baumann, Alvarez 3, Sepulveda V. 11, Araya 5, Sepulveda C., Alarcon 7, Rebolledo, Gomez, Ramirez 2, Pacheco 1, Diaz, Gajardo, Yarelli.



Rasmus Poulsen, head coach of Slovakia: Today we played against the team which want play handball more them us. They enjoyed the match more. The mentality before this match decided about today’s result. We wanted to play for more. The President’s Cup is different. You must have a strong psychology if you want to play for this trophy.

Karolina Zielonka