The World Championships in Kielce entered the decisive phase. In the first match of the 1/8 finals in the Hall Legionow, Hungary faced Austria. The favorites from Balaton won by 36:22.

Hungary – the winner of group B – played against Austria, the fourth team of group A. The favorite was therefore unambiguous. Nevertheless, the first ten minutes did not announce one-sided spectacle (6:6). After the first quarter of the game, however, the situation changed. The Hungarians threw a higher gear and scored four goals in a row (10:6). Then they consistently increased their advantage. Untile the brake the score was 16 to 11 in their favor.

In the second half, the dominance of the Hungarian team only deepened. The shooting festival performed by this team was best used by Dóra Kellermann, the author of 6 goals. Austria after changing sides was completely helpless. The advantage of their rivals grew at a rapid pace, the apogee reached at the very end – the difference was 14 goals (36:22).

HUNGARY – AUSTRIA 36:22 (16:11)

HUNGARY: Magera, Herczeg, Szabo – Albek 4, Schatzl 3, Simon 1, Vamos, Varga, Kellermann 6, Arany 4, Pal 5, Kuczora 3, Szilovics 3, Borgyos 1, Banfai 3, Toth 3

AUSTRIA: Ivancok, Krenn – Martinovic, Fehringer, Neidahrt 2, Draguljic 2, Reichert 1, Kofler 3, Dramac 2, Spalt, Pandza 5, Marksteiner, Matosevic, Kerestely 1, Schlegel 6.

Maciej Szarek, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Dr. Peter Woth, the second coach of the Hungarian team: The start of the match was not as good as the rest of the match. Fortunately, we managed to get the best out of us and we won. We are very happy that we have been invincible so far, now we are waiting for the winner of the Spain – Norway match.

Helfried Muller, coach of the Austrian team: The result of this tournament is a success for us. Thinking about how we played, I also think that it is a plus performance. Today we had physical problems, we slowly returned to the defense, they counterattacked us. However, we fought to the very end, it is a success. During the tournament, we made a big progress and we learned a lot.