In the match for the 21st place, handballers from Angola beat Chinese women 22:18.

Players from Africa started the match with  strong hit and after a while they led 5: 0. The Chinese women had huge problems with breaking through the defense of their rivals, and when they succeeded, they were very ineffective. They managed to throw their first goal after ten minutes of the game. – Mengxue Zhou used a penalty goal.

Girls from Asia fought very bravely and tried to minimize losses, but l players from Angola were doing much better – both in defense and attack. After thirty minutes of play, they led 13: 7.

The other half started much better  by Chinese women, which were catching up in a rapid pace – they threw four goals in a row and quickly their rivals’ advantage melted to two goal. After a while the handball players from Angola again jumped back and controlled the result until the end of the match. Eventually they won 22:18. 

ANGOLA – CHINA 22:18 (13:7)

Angola: Frederico, Da Silva – Sucacuexe, Esteves, Kiala 8, Monteiro 1, Masseu 5, Castro, Tchitongua 4, Coio 2, Gabriel 2, Sebastiao, Ferreira, Rosario, Mateus

China: Song, Zou – Huang 1, Liu, Zhu, Chen 3, Tang 3, Lian, Zhu H. 5, Zhou 5, Wang, Zou T., Sun Mingue, Sun Miaomiao, Li, Dou, Dong 1


Bin Zhang, head coach of China: It was our last match during the tournament. I’m not  satisfied with the results of all matches. We played very good only during the game with the Netherlands. There is a big gap between us and the strong teams with the same age, and this is a good chance for us to learn a lot. I would like to thank all the staff working during this tournament and all volunteers.  

Danilo Gagliard Junior, coach of Angola: We had really good first half, especially we played well in defense. We had good distance, seven goals. In the second half it wasn’t so good, we had lots of turnovers. It’s my third Championship as a coach, first with Angola and I can say that the organisation side is very good, for excample we enjoyed halls very match

Aneta Szypnicka, photo credit: PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP