What a match! Outstanding defense of both sides, amazing goals, chases, returns and making up for losses. Denmark and Russia women served the spectators gathered in the Politechnika Hall a truly fantastic spectacle.

The beginning of the match was heralded with emotions.The Russians played slightly better at the first minutes. A moment later, however, Denmark had a great fragment and scored five goals in a row – from 1: 3 at the time it got 6: 3 and Russian handballers found themselves in trouble. They quickly got to work, made up two goals but then again, Danish girls were more effective. There were definitely more such turns of action in this duel.  For a break, the Liubov Sidorichevy players came down running two goals.

Denmark started the second half better and after only three minutes a draw appeared on the board. At this moment, the game was played with  goal for the goal system, and the emotions reached the zenith.

The last ten minutes of the game, however, belonged definitely to the Russians. Their defense worked fantastically, the goalkeeper saved almost every ball, and the attack acted like a well-oiled machine.

DENMARK – RUSSIA 25:29 (12:14)

Denmark: Askvist, Krtistensen – Gamys 3, Hedegaard, Klostermann, Theil 1, Frokjaer-Jensen, Steffensen 7, Laursen, Moller 2, Kristensen, Hansen 3, Wierzba 2, Faartoft 4, Hansen 2, Halilcevic 1

Russia: Kolesnikova, Vereshchak – Cherniaeva 1, Mikhaylichenko 5, Sheina, Sinelnikova, Krakhmaleva, Turusina 3, Skivko 1, Maslova 1, Sidnina, Kirdiasheva 5, Levchina 2, Mukhina 6, Smirnova 4

Aneta Szypnicka, photo credit: PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Liubov Sidoricheva, head coach of Russia: It was the toughest match we’ve had so far. The girls had a cold earlier, but now they have recovered and have done very well. Our goalkeeper defended a lot. The girls caught a lot of good energy from her. We’ve changed a bit of defense after bad period during first half and  everything was better later. It was a tough game.