Eleventh place for Norway! After a rather one-sided match Scandinavians defeated Croatia 27:20.

The defeat of Norway in the 1/8 finals against Spain (18:20) was a very big surprise. The Scandinavians did not hide their anger after the game and in a clash with Croatia, which in the last seconds lost with Germany (24:25), wanted to compensate for their failure. So they started with a high pace. After ten minutes they were already leading by 5:1. The first half was under their dictation. Vilde Tornes Finneide saved in the goal every second throw, Rikke Larsen Oyerhamn was in good shape in the attack. For a change, the Croatians were missing a lot of shots. The result of the first half? 13:8 for Norway.

After the brake the Croatians quickly wanted to score goals, so they made many mistakes. The Norwegians slowed the pace a bit, but they still increased their advantage. In the 53rd minute it was ten goals (25:15). In the end, the Croatians managed to slightly improve the result, but anyway they lost 20 to 27.

NORWAY – CROATIA 27:20 (13:8)

NORWAY: Skogrand, Finneide – Oyerhamn 4, Hove 1, Kjolholdt 3, Deila T. 2, Svele, Eriksson 2, Deila L. 2, Figenschau, Morch 2, Novak 2, Moen 5, Hansen 4, Sendi 1, Arnesen 1

CROATIA: Marinović, Pokopac – Barisić 3, Malec, Ivanda, Popović 4, Guskić 3, Vucić, Rubić, Vidaković, Petika 5, Vojnović 2, Kaselj, Barbir 3, Miholić, Humel

Maciej Szarek, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP