Thanks to the immediate fast break and goal scored from the wing by Yejin Yun, South Korea won against Germany by only one goal and secured their place in the semi-final, where the Asian team will face Hungary.


If anyone could resist the South Korean during the tournament, in the first minutes of their match against Germany, he definitely stopped and fell in love with them! The Asian players from the very beginning made an impression with their characteristic exotic handball. In this game was the same. Even though they were smaller than their European colleagues, from the first moments of the game they were calling the shots. Their defensive line were set far before the 9 meters line and the player who was following the German pivot, did with her whatever she wanted. After 14 minutes the Korean players were leading 9:4.

The Germans woke up after a while and started to chase their rivals. Nine minutes before the half time the score was 12:9 in favour oft he South Korea. The Germans were playing better and better, especially with their counterattacks. Thanks tot hem they were catching up with the losses and after the first half were losing only 13:15.

After the break the Germans very motivated came back on the court and immediately scored a goal. The Koreans however didn’t even think about getting afraid about their reduced lead, but they were consequently fulfiling their tasks and worked out a three goal lead again. They were still keeping the Germans far away from their 6 meters line and were conducting counterattacks. After two in a row the score was 24:20.

The time was passing by, the Germans managed to come closer for two goals. There were only three minutes left till the end and the score was 28:26 in favour of Koreans. Thanks to goals from Ndidi Agwunedu and Laetitia Quist, 10 seconds before the final whistle the Germans managed to draw 29:29 and when everyone thought that the teams will need an extra time to finish this amazing duel, Koreans immediately did a fast break and score the 30th goal right before the end. In the Saturday Semi-final they will play against Hungary.

Magda Pluszewska

photo credit: PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP

GERMANY: Zenner, Waldenmaier – Uhlmann 3, Hausherr 1, Kockel 5, Weise, Andreas, Muehlner 2, Quist 5, Von Pereira 7, Agwunedu 2, Wuld, Neubrander 2, Golla, Michalczik, Bleckmann 2

KOREA: Yeo, M. Lee – Choi, Y. Jeong, H. Jeong, Soojeong Park, Son 1, Jo, D. Lee 1, S. Kim 2, Oh 2, J. Kim, H. Kim, Soyoun Park 5, Yun 9, Woo 10


Zuzana Porvaznikova, assistant coach of Germany: We started really weak, but then we had our chances. In the second half we played really well, we scored more goals than our rivals in the second part, but in the end we didn’t do it. We are really sad, but we have a huge respect to our opponents. They were very strong. Now we need to regenerate and do our best to fight for the fifth place.

Seong Ok Oh, head coach of KOREA: This was our best game at this championship. The Germans are very tall so we needed to use our counterattack to score. Our players are very strong and that was useful to fight against such good players.