Saturday is the twelfth day of the championships, but despite this, there will be plenty of emotions. In the Hall Legionów we’ll see the best eight of the tournament. Four teams will play for places 5-8, and the remaining teams will play for the final.

Placement Round 5-8

12:30 Spain-Germany
The Spain game in the group stage resembled a sine wave. Once they won, lost once. A huge surprise was their triumph over the Norwegians in the 1/8 finals. In the last match, they suffered a high defeat against Hungary 33:20.
The Germans unexpectedly found themselves in the battle for places 5-8. European champions were favourites to win gold in this tournament. In the group stage, they lost only to Romania and won the promotion to the best eight tugged the Croatians after a fierce battle, which ended with the result 24:25. Dreams of the next title were destroyed by the Japanese women who won the match with one goal.
Considering the current game, the favourite of this match seems to be the German team, who played very balanced matches and lost with small difference goals. Although it is worth remembering that Spanish can surprise and triumph in this clash for the second time.

15:00 Netherlands-Denmark
The Netherlands played in a similar way as Spain in the group and also surprised everyone in the 1/8 finals. Unexpectedly she defeated France 24:23. However, in the next round, they failed to defeat Sweden.
Denmark in the group stage was doing very well. They lost only to Hungary, for the first place in group B, then they probably triumphed over the Polish national team 20:30. Their next opponent was Russia, who turned out to be better than them and eliminated from the fight for the podium.
Everything would indicate that the winner of this match will be Denmark, which has been doing very well since the beginning of the tournament, they had only two defeats. However, the Netherlands has nothing to lose. They have not been so high in the world championships for ten years.


17:30 Hungary-South Korea
The Hungarian national team reached the semi-finals without any problems. In the group stage, it turned out to be unrivalled, in the 1/8 finals it beat Austria 36:22, and in the quarterfinals Spain 33:20. The showcase of Beata Bohus’ charges is defence and goalkeepers at great disposal. Thanks to this good defensive Hungarian play a lot of quick attacks and counterattacks.
South Korea turned out to be the “black horse” of this tournament. Asians play unconventionally, extremely fast. They are lively and very aggressive in defence. In the group stage, they were like a tornado. They won all the matches, scoring many goals in each match. They scored 45 goals against France. The match of the 1/8 finals was also an easy match for them. They defeated Japan 36:30 in it. Only the Germans in the quarterfinals have set themselves to the Japanese. After the fierce match, Asians wrested a one-goal triumph.
This match promises to be extremely interesting. There will be two undefeated representations against each other. Both teams play a strong defence, they are able to throw goals from counterattacks, they are very fast. On the pitch, it can spark!

20:00 Sweden-Russia
Sweden suffered three defeats in the group stage but nevertheless found itself in the semi-final. In the 1/8 finals, they made quite a surprise by beating the favourites for gold – Rumania 22:20, although after the first part of the match they lost five goals. The quarterfinals proved to be much easier for the Swedes. They defeated Dutchmen with ten goals.
Russia won the group C without any problems. In the 1/8 finals they played against Tunisia, which they did not spare and beat the difference by as many as twenty goals! In the quarterfinals, they played a game with the Danish team, which turned out to be a difficult opponent. Only in the fiftieth minute the Russians took the lead and achieved a triumph 25:29.
Considering the matches already played, the favourites seem to be the Russians. Physical conditions also speak in their favour. But as we have seen many times in this championship, that growth does not matter. More important is the will to fight and the desire to win, and the Swedes certainly have it.

Come to the Hall Legionów and see fantastic matches!

Karolina Zielonka