Fantastic spectacle  in Legionów Hall was provided by handballers from Hungary and Russia. In the final of the IHF  Youth U18 Women’s World Championships the Russian women defeated the competitors from Hungary 29:27.

Hundreds of people in the stands, the atmosphere of a great holiday, huge emotions and two best teams of the World Championships. Rate? Gold medals. Pressure? Probably overwhelming. a few hours before the finale, there were voices that it would undoubtedly be a fierce and unusually even match. Everybody who assumed it didn’t make a mistake.

First minutes of the duel were heralded by huge emotions. Both teams started very strongly and initially the game was played by the goal for goal system. The weight of the game was at times very visible, because the handballers  of both teams sometimes made mistakes that evidently were a result of nerves. The spectacle was fascinating, and some actions could be followed with bated breath – they looked like they were taken straight from the finals of the seniors’ events.

It was not until the 28th minute of the game that the Russian team was able to take the double-goal lead for the first time in the match. A moment later this advantage increased by one goal more – the penalty shot was used by Valeriia Kirdiasheva. The Hungarian players didn’t score the goal before the break, so after thirty minutes the players from Russia were leading by 15:12.

After returning to the floor, Liubov Sidorichevy players maintained a two or three-goal advantage, and twenty minutes before the end they even managed to jump on five goals.

When it seemed that nothing would be able to take  victory from them, the Hungarians began to make up for their losses, after a while they minimized them to only one goal.

The Russians went through the weaker moment, beat the goalkeeper three times and took the lead again. Players from Hungary didn’t let go, they played very ambitious all the time and fought for a favorable result until the last minutes

In the end, however, players from Russia proved to be better – they won 29:27 and thanks to that they defended the title that Russian representation won two years ago.

HUNGARY – RUSSIA 27:29 (12:15)

Hungary – Magera, Herczeg, Szabo – Albek, Schatzl 3, Simon 2, Vamos 1, Varga, Kellermann 2, Arany 2, Pal 4, Kuczora 8, Borgyos, Banfai 1, Toth 1, Kacsor 3

Russia: Kolesnikova, Vereshchak, Korabutova – Cherniaeva, Mikhaylichenko 10, Sheina 2, Sinelnikova, Krakhmaleva, Turusina, Skivko, Maslova 2, Sidnina, Kirddiasheva 8, Levchina 5, Mukhina 1, Smirnova 1


Peter Dr. Woth, coach of Hungary: It is hard to say antyhing now. It was the final and in the final you can not make as many mistakes as we did. I think we didn’t score ten claer situations. Next year European Championship will be in Hungary and it will be great chance to take a revange and win.

Liubov Sidoricheva, head coach of Russia: The final is a festival. Everything was going according to our plan, although there were moments of distraction. However, I understand it because it was our next match at this tournament and  we could be out of energy. We are very happy because of the victory.

Elena Mikhaylichenko, player of Russia: We went a long way to reach the final. We are very happy.

Aneta Szypnicka, photo credit: PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP