Bronze medal for Korea! Players from Asia in match for third place defeated Sweden.

In the duel for bronze medal Korea and Sweden faced each other. Both teams have lost their semi-final game and now they could feel strongly irritated and motivated to the fight for the third place in the tournament. The start of the match belonged to Korea, which quickly jumped on 2-3 goals, but before fifteen minutes to the end of the first part they reduced loss to one goal. In the next minutes the situation was repeated again, but this time the Asian players didn’t let go the lead and after the first half they had three goals more than the team from Sweden.

Only at the very beginning of the second half it seemed that the next minutes of this game would be even. Korea started to play very well, quickly build an advantage and in the 41st minute it was 24:17. It was the key moment for this game, because later the players from Scandinavia weren’t able to make up for the losses. The Koreans controlled the field events until the very end and could enjoy the bronze medal of the World Championship!

Korea – Sweden 34:27 (17:14)

Korea: Lee, Yeo 1 – Choi 2, Jeong Y. 1, Jeong H., Park, Son 2, Jo 1, Lee, 1 Kim 3, Oh 6, Kim J. 1, Kim H., Park 2, Yun 9, Woo 5

Sweden: Lundahl, Hultberg-Dahlgren, Espling-ek – Alm 3, Cardell 1, Moreno, Wahlstrom, Wallenberg 1, Sandberg 4, Dahlstrom, Jarvin 2, Dano 5, Sjostrand Hallman 4, Schelin, Andersson 7, Dahlberg


Niklas Harris (head coach of Sweden)To win with such team you have to give 100% of yourself. I guess we gave 90% today, we are very tired after long tournament. It’s not like that we didn’t know how to play against Korea, we did. Actually we were prepared really well, we played against them three weeks ago. They are great team, they lost only one game during this tournament. It is a great success for us. We are in top fourth in the world!