The match between Germany and Denmark was the clash of two nations with great traditions in the world of handball. Both teams won their tight matches yesterday and today they faced each other in the fight for the fifth place in the whole tournament.

Both teams, the first half, began with a mass of inaccurate passes. In the fourth minute, the first goal in the match was scored by the German. The players played extremely nervously, goal scored. In the tenth minute, Denmark managed to go on a three-goal lead. Maik Nowak’s players had three chances to score 8: 8, but either made an easy mistake or Anna Kristensen – Denmark’s goalkeeper bounced the balls. The Scandinavians used the weaker game to defend the opponent and ended the first part of the match with four goals more than the Germans.

From the thirty-second minute, the Germans began to reduce losses. Laura Waldenmaier, who was doing well in the goal, and the temporary loosening of Denmark allowed them to do so. Ten minutes before the end of the match, the score was 22:23. Then Germany did not take the chance to lead to a tie. From that moment, the girls from Scandinavia scored two goals in a row and again led 22:25. Then there was a weaker period of their play and the last minute of the encounter could be a horror story. Denmark could score a goal which would give them a win. However, one of the players made a mistake and the judges awarded the ball to the Germans. They only had fifteen seconds to play the action. They managed it and the throw from the wing – Julia Weise led to a draw 25:25.

The judges decided about penalty shootouts. However, this war of nerves did not last Denmark, which missed the use of three throws. Laura Waldenmaier, who charmed the gate, prevented them.
Fifth place in the tournament was taken by the German team, and the sixth place went to Denmark.

GERMANY-DENMARK 28:25 (9:13)(25:25) 

GERMANY: Zenner, Waldenmaier – Uhlmann,Hausherr 1, Kockel 1, Weise 5, Andreas, Muehlner 3, Quist 6, Von Pereira 3, Agwunedu, Wulf, Neubrander, Golla 3, Michalczik 1, Bleckmann 5.

DENMARK: Askvist, Krtistensen, Jensen, – Gamys 1, Hedegaard, Klostermann, Theil 1, Frokjaer-Jensen 1, Steffensen 3, Laursen, Moller 8, Hansen C.5, Wierzba 2, Faartoft 1, Hansen A. 1, Halilcevic 2.



Flemming Dam Larsen, head coach of Denmark: After the fifty six minutes, I was very satisfied, we were playing very good. And then, I think that we were afraid of our win. We played a good match against the strong team and because of that I’m so sad, then we couldn’t score a goal in the last minute.
We made a good performance. Only two matches were lost against teams which are in the final – Russia and Hungary. We made some mistakes but also we made corrections. I’m very satisfied with it.

Karolina Zielonka