Madoka KAKIZOE GK 29.06.2001. 168 64
Mana SAKAKI GK 19.01.2000. 171 67
Natsuki CHIBA GK 22.07.2000. 170 71
Hikaru EMOTO LW 17.06.2000. 161 56
Ayame OKADA LB 24.05.2000. 167 57
Haruka TANIFUJI LB 05.04.2000. 163 56
Mizuki TANUMA LB 17.03.2000. 167 64
Airi ITO CB 11.01.2000. 168 61
Momoka TSUJINO CB 16.02.2000. 173 65
Shuka HIRANO RB 28.06.2000. 166 62
Urara NUKIMIZU RB 21.03.2000. 166 57
Nao TAKAKI RB 22.02.2000. 174 68
Miyuki ABE RW 10.03.2000. 168 60
Tsugumi YASUDA RW 27.09.2000. 164 58
Yui UJIMURA RW 20.03.2001. 160 60
Shino KUREBAYASHI LP 09.02.2000. 159 55
Haruka UEDA LP 14.02.2000. 170 64
Wakana HASHIGUCHI LP 06.08.2001. 178 75
Sayaka HATTORI LP 01.05.2000. 168 62
Aoi MORIYA LP 03.07.2000. 165 57

GK – goalkeeper, LW – left wing, LB – left back, CB – central back, RB – right back, RW – right wing, LP – line player



  • Nao Takagi  – strong, left-handed player, superb long range shooter,
  • Wakana Hashiguchi – the highest in the team (178 cm), very promising line player, but just came back after a long injury
  • Airi Ito – she is able to organise the team very well in positional attack, but can also surprise with a shot from the second line. Team leader.


Japanese team combines these qualities with which we identify the Country of the Blossoming Cherry every day: order, harmony and … not the highest height. The leader from the Japan team in this ranking – Wakana Hashiguchi – measures only 178 cm. “That is why the team spirit is our strong point. Japan will be dangerous in the attack, because the movement of each girl is about to create some space for a friend,” explains Yuki Hattori, a Japanese sports journalist. In addition she points out that Asian girls want to match their peers who took the eight place last year at the U-18 world championship in Georgia. So, we can expect Japan girls to play a quick handball, many counterattacks, have mobility and present high defense in 3:3 or 3:2:1 systems. That is typical style of handball for Asian teams. Hattori tells us, however, that the position of handball in Japan is in a poor state. “It’s a really minor sport here. Baseball and football always come across as the leading sports here, then comes volleyball, basketball, table tennis, tennis…,” she ends. In that case we should the more appreciate the Japanese presence at the tournament in Kielce.