Wilma LUNDAHL GK 21.03.2001. 188 85
Josefine HULTBERG-DAHLGREN GK 30.09.2000. 179 81
Tilda ESPLING-EK GK 21.08.2001. 184 100
Cornelia HERMANSSON GK 09.03.2000. 175 78
Tindra SUNDIN LW 07.05.2000. 166 56
Jackie MORENO LW 16.02.2001. 158 53
Kajsa DAHLBERG LW 10.01.2000. 169 65
Tova ALM LB 28.08.2001. 175 65
Cornelia DAHLSTRÖM LB 26.05.2001. 176 69
Isabelle ANDERSSON LB 12.03.2000. 177 76
Elma ÖRTEMARK CB 28.11.2001. 177 59
Emma WAHLSTRÖM CB 08.05.2000. 170 61
Moa ANDERSSON CB 21.06.2001. 170 63
Ida FREDLUND CB 07.04.2000. 171 74
Zandra JARVIN CB 30.06.2000. 158 70
Moa BOQVIST RB 04.04.2001. 177 74
Malin SANDBERG RB 14.04.2000. 184 75
Nina DANO RB 12.06.2000. 172 72
Andrea NIVA RW 20.04.2001. 170 59
Lina CARDELL RW 01.02.2001. 166 65
Ebba WALLENBERG RW 13.11.2000. 170 62
Ebba KRISTIANSSON LP 10.07.2000. 178 75
Amanda SJÖSTRAND HALLMAN LP 21.02.2000. 172 72
Wilma SCHELIN LP 20.05.2001. 177 73
Alma SKRETTING LP 06.04.2001. 180 73

GK – goalkeeper, LW – left wing, LB – left back, CB – central back, RB – right back, RW – right wing, LP – line player



  • Nina Dano – the right back is very fast, agile player with a strong throw,
  • Isabelle Andersson – very strong left back, versatile player with an excellent game vision,
  • Josefine Hultgren Dahlgren – very calm goalkeeper with ability to read the game, excellent in fast breaks.
Swedish team has got a good defence, which allows them to build fast breaks and makes the play really fast. Niklas Harris’s girls can make use of the opponent’s turnovers and score a lot of goals in counterattacks, where huge role is played by Josefine Hultgren Dahlgren, a calm goalkeeper with good game-reading ability.
The Skandinavian team is focused on the achievement. They minimum plan is to be a part of the 1/8 final stage. When they achieve it, they will hope for a good result in every next game. As they say about themselves, their strongest point is their team spirit. “No player is more important than the team,” says the coach Niklas Harris.
The team took part in only one big tournament before – last year they finished the European Championship in Slovakia on 9th place.
An interesting fact is that before the games the team sings a song from a movie “Pippi Langstrumpf”. The red-haired, freckled girl is an icon of Swedish culture, created by a famous writer, Astrid Lindgren. “It truly symbolises the spirit of Sweden and at the same time the crazy fighting spirit of our team,” laughs coach Harris.
Within their preparations the Swedish team had a training camp, which finished at the beginning of July. Still they have ahead Scandinavian Open tournament on 27-29 July, where they will play against South Korea, Norway and Denmark.