Romanian National Team has got a very busy period of preparations as they play many friendly matches against their potential opponents in Kielce. In 2017 the team was taken over by Romanian’s handball star Carmen Amariei, gained 7th place at the European Championships in Slovakia and got qualified to the World Championship in Poland, where they will play i.a. against the host in the group A.

Romanian National Team’s huge asset is their coach, who took over the team in 2017. It is Carmen Andreea Amariei, a Romanian handball star. During her career as a player she won i.a. gold at Women’s World Championship U20 in 1995 and bronze at Women’s World Championship U20 in 1997. With her 210 matches in national team, she scored 847 goals.

Her girls got qualified to this year’s championship,  due to the fact that they took the 7th place at the European Championships in Slovakia last year. Romanian Handball Federation makes it possible for the Youth Team of Romania to provide the best preparation with the best teams in Europe, to increase their value and to prove that Romania has handball quality at all levels. In order to polish their skills before the next challenge, during their preparatory period, they play a huge amount of friendly matches against girls from Poland, Tunisia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Denmark and Montenegro. Top players of the team worth paying attention to are Diana Cristiana Ciuca – the best goalkeeper during the European Championship U17 last year, central backs Andreea Popa and Denisa Valcan and lft back Andreea Tarsoaga,

Check the full Romanian National Team profile including the full roster HERE.

Romania will play in the group A, together with Germany, which was already presented past week.