Training camp of Polish national handball team has begun. For the next week the hosts of World Cup will train in Kielce – the city that will soon host the best young handball players from around the world.

Polish players came to Kielce on Sunday. On Monday morning they already had a lot of responsibilities – first they met with the representatives of the media then they trained at the gym and in the hall.

There are about two weeks until the championship starts, but polish team will only train in Kielce. Why did they make decision like that? – To see the entire infrastructure and become familiar with the organizational side. We want to make the players feel at home We also have to prepare well for the tournament, familiarize ourselves with the hall. What is the most important, we have to play well – explains Agnieszka Truszyńska coach of the Polish national team.

The captain of the polish national team – Magda Więckowska – knows the hall very well because she plays in local team Korona Handball on daily basis. -I think it is an advantage for me. I will have support from my family and friends. It will be also good for the whole team because it will be additional cheer on from tribunes – says the player.

Polish national team has been preparing for the championships for a long time. Now trainings have different formula. – We have worked very hard over this preparatory period. We were all very tired, but we were motivating each other. We did it because we want that every player will be able to play in many matches. Now the training will be focused on improving throws and tactics.

At the end of the week Polish women will play two preparation matches with the Korona Handball Kielce, but they will be closed to the audience. The training camp will end on Sunday, July 29. The players will meet again on August 2 and will stay in Kielce for the whole championship. The first match of the tournament will take place on August 7, and their opponents will be Angola.