Sixteen pairs of referees will take care about keeping the rules during the tournament in Kielce. Among them there are Polish referees, Bartosz Leszczyński and Marcin Piechota.

Imagine a huge arena. Fifteen thousand handball fans. Some of them support the yellow team, and the rest the team of the blue players. The first action of the match and then there is a small argument between the players on the pitch. Who fouled? There are screams in the hall, quarrels between the fans of the feuding teams. How to reconcile both parties of the conflict? Then, two man appeared on the pitch. They will save the show. Yes, you are right! These are the referees.

They watch over the correct course of the match, observe the rules, signal fouls, give yellow and red cards, two-minute punishments, and above all are unbiased and try to objectively settle the disputable situations.

Bartosz Leszczyński and Marcin Piechota umpired phenomenally during the previous handball season and for this reason, they were selected by The International Handball Federation to participate in the big event in Poland.

We wish you the best of luck Mr Bartosz and Mr Marcin! See you in Kielce!


Karolina Zielonka