Handballers from Kazakhstan didn’t have any chance in the –  last match played in Politechnika Hall – duel with Spain. Europeans quickly achieved advantage and controlled result. They won 39:21. 

It wasn’t a good day for players from Kazakhstan. On the beginning of the match they have already been dominated by their opponents and later on they couldn’t change the result in their favour.

The Spaniards played really active in defence and effectively prevented the Asian players from scoring goals. They did not have any problems with defeating the goalkeepers from Kazakhstan, which is why their advantage grew rapidly.

After thirty minutes of play, representatives from The Iberian Peninsula led six goals. Such an advantage, however, was not enough for them. Their rivals were helpless and although they fought very ambitiously to the end, they eventually had to accept a high defeat.

SPAIN – KAZAKHSTAN 39:21 (16:10)

Spain: Suarez Martinez-Gandia, Wiggins – Palomo 3, Fernandez-Agusti 4, Sobrepera 6, Spugnini 1, Vallina 3, Morales Rodriguez 1, Martinez 3, Moles 1, Mendez 2, Arcos , Diaz Ventas 3, Capdevilla 1, Loidi 7, Quevedo 4

Kazakhstan: Aitmagambetova, Zhanibekkyzy – Stepanova 4, Syzdykova 3, Zhaparova 5, Malysheva 2, Murzagul, Khamitova, Kirillova, Karymsak 2, Tolykbay, Pernebek, Seitkassym 4, Iskakova 1


Alfredo Rodriguez, head coach of Sapin: It was the first game in this tournament for us so it was really important to present well. I think that we can play better in the defense. It’s is essential to improve this element in order to succeed the next matches.

Berik Beknazarov, head coach of Kazakhstan: We failed in the second part of the match. Our unsuccessful attacks and efficiency are the reasons why we lost.

Aneta Szypnicka, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP