In the last match of the day in Hall Legionów Chile easily won against Egypt. The team from North Africa barely managed to score 12 goals while Chile did it 23 times.

In the evening, two teams, that both have really long way to Kielce, faced each other in the Hall Legionów! On one side Egypt, on the other one – Chile. The late time of the match seemed to be a drawback for both teams, because the game was slow and there were few goals – only sixteen in the entire first half. The first part of the match ended with a very low score – 10:6 in favor of Chile.

In the second half the team from South America run away from their opponents, what didn’t mean that the tempo of the game sped up. During twenty minutes the girls from Egipt scored only two goals, while Chile players scored eight times. Egyptians couldn’t find a solution for aggresive playing style of their rivals, but still they didn’t lose a hope and in the end they even started to play individually in the defence. But despite their engagement, they weren’t able to disturb great Chile in gaining a huge victory 23:12.


EGIPT: A. Eslam Zaki Ahmed, S. Kassem Ibrahem Kassem, S. Ahmed Moussa Elshawarby, S. Refat Kamal Refaie, A.Tarek Morsy Khedr, F. Hany Mahmoud Mabrouk, F. Usama Abdelfatah Elshazly, R. Mohamed Rady Ahmed, Y. Salah Elsayed Hassanein, L. Haitham Hammad Zaiki, S. Abdelrazek Ali Eid Ali, Y. Emadaldien Mohamed Mahmoud, H. Mohamed Gouda Wahdan, S. Khaled Fathy Ahmed

CHILE: F. Parra, J. Baumann, F. Alvarez, V. Sepulveda, J. Araya, C. Sepulveda, S. Alarcon, A. Rebolledo, S. Gomez, M. Cortez, E. Ramirez, P. Pacheco, C. Diaz, M. Gajardo, L. Yarelli, J. Andrade


Felipe Barrientos, coach of Chile: It was a wonderful game for us despite many mistakes. We had advantage from the very first moments of the game. You could see a huge team spirit in our ranks. We controlled the game, we are very happy that our rivals didn’t manage to stop us. Late time of the game wasn’t a problem for us, it even helped us! Yesterday weh ad a long, long journey, so we had enough time to rest.