In the first match of the tournament played in the Hall Legionów Germany quite easily defeated Austria. The equipe of Helfried Müller joined the group of participants in a very last-minute mode, replacing Brasil, that had to withdraw from the championship due to financial reasons. Maybe Austria still needs a time to reach their shape! Anyway, in their first game they lost against the 2017 European Champions 17:26.

GERMANY – AUSTRIA 26:17 (14:8)

Since the very first moments of the game Austrian players got under the sway of the Germans.  After six minutes they were losing 0:4 and they had to wait for the first goal until the penalty given by the referees. The charges of Helfried Müller were making many mistakes in attack, what was unscrupulously used by the Germans in counterattacks. Supported by the solid goalkeeper Carley Zenner, the Germans stabilized the course of match and slowed down, quite easily winning the first half 14:8.

In the second half the European Champions continued their job. Austrian players had their ups and down, thus their distance to opponents were quite fluent. In the end however, these were the Germans, who presented higer level today and calmly fulfilled their tasks, so they gained a well-deserved victory 26:17.

GERMANY: C. Zenner, L. Waldenmaier – P. Uhlmann 2, L. Hausherr 2, L. Kockel 2, J. Weise 2, T. Andreas, M. Mühlner 2, L. Quist, A. Von Pereira 4, N. Agwunedu 1, M. Wulf 2, L. Neubrander, P. Golla, M. Michalczik 6, D. Bleckmann 3

AUSTRIA: L. Ivancok, L. Krenn – K. Martinovic, L. Fehringer 1, N. Neidhart 6, S. Draguljic 3, J. Reichert 2, L. Kofler, K. Dramac 1, L. Spalt, K. Pandza 2, A. Marksteiner 1, A. Matosevic, B. Kerestely, K. Schlegel 1


Zuzana Porvaznikova, assistant coach of Germany: We are really calm about the score. We are happy about our game but we still need to improve it. We weren’t calm enough, as we had some phases of good and bad game. We are really pleased that our counterattacks worked well. In the group each opponent is very hard, I think Romania is the one we are afraid oft he most, but we respect each of them and we are goong to prepare as much as we can against everyone.

Helfried Müller, head coach of Austria: I don’t thinkour last-minute mode of coming to Poland affected our game, we just played againt a very good team. Germany took a well deserved victory, but actually I think that it was 3-4 goals too high. We are till building the team, we had only one training session in Austria and one 15 minutes training here, in Kielce. That was everything we have done since May. We have a strong, talented team, but the results will come in the course of time. We want to learn and gain experience during the tournament, it‘ wonderful here, you have a beautiful country!

Magda Pluszewska, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP