Incredible victory for team Russia! Champion defenders beat Argentina in the first match of the champioship 43:14.

The Russians started the meeting really well especially in defence. Thanks to this attitude in 14 minutes they already lead 8:4. Over time Argentina began to play better and put the gap down to three goals. But then they again had problems with shot efficiency. Russians scored six goals in a row and won the first half.

After the break Russians showed their power. With every minute they increased the advantage, which in 41 minute was fifteen goals! Team from Argentina wasn’t able to played as equals and the Russians achieved a high victory.

Russia – Argentina 43:15 (17:8)

Russia: Kolesnikova, Vereshchak – Cherniaeva 3, Mikhaylichenko 5, Sheina 1, Sinelnikova 1, Krakhmaleva, Turusina 4,  Skivko 3, Maslova 5, Sidnina 5, Kirdiasheva 5, Levchina 6, Mukhina 1, Smirnova 2, Karabutova

Argentina: Bohner, Carrido – Prado, Viviers 2, Bono 4, Cavo 2, Rios, Rivero 2, Peletay Rittaco 1, Villarazza, Irribarria 1, Vazquez, Garrido, Azcune, Ballada, Baggio 2, Coccuini

Wojciech Staniec fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Liubov Sidoricheva (head coach of Russia):

About the game: We watched video analysis of Argentina and that helped us planed tactics for the game.

About defending a gold medal: It’s not important now. We won two years ago but it is in the past. Every tournament has it’s own history. Now we have new players and we focus on that.

About match against China: We don’t have a lot of information about the China team, we have just watched video analysis of their match with Norwegian. We know much less so that we think that it will be different meeting than the one with Argentina.

Gisele Pintos (head coach of Argentina): Game with Russians – current champions – was our first game that’s why girls were so nervous and made a lot of mistakes especially in the attack.

Carolina Bono (player of Argentina):It was very difficult game. Our opponents were definitely better than us. We will try to forget about today’s defeat and focus on the next meeting and our opponent, which is Japan.